About Us

Panlila Consulting (formerly Craig Pannell Consulting) has been in existence since 1999 and has positioned itself within the broader framework of Business Consultation, Human Resources Management & Development and Assessment Centre Methodology. Under the section “Services” you will find a summary of what we offer.

With our ability to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative change, Panlila Consulting partners with clients to tackle some of the above issues head-on. Our team has a unique blend of industry and consulting experience – providing our client with practical solutions to complex issues.

Panlila gets involved in the deliberate decision-making process used to define organizational direction and implement the necessary policies and procedures to move the organization in the desired direction. Our project history includes strategic management initiatives, but also the implementation of processes designed to align the day-to-day activities of the organization with its missions.

Panlila therefore provides services and products in the areas of Business Consultation, Human Resources Management, Assessment Centre Methodology, Recruitment, Career Guidance, Training and Development, Leadership and Change Management.

So what makes us different?

  • Panlila works in collaboration with our clients – an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of management and professional teams.
  • Panlila delivers practical solutions – practical solutions for implementation with sustainable results.
  • Panlila is independent – unbiased and solely focused on our clients’ returns.
  • Panlila is client-focused – our clients REALLY DO come first.
  • Panlila is a People business – our people are our greatest asset.
  • Panlila focuses on world-class solutions – our solutions are supported by empirical research, tools and best practices.

Our Team

Craig Pannell

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Provision of a wide range of Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Training, Recruitment, Assessment and Business Consulting services for small to medium sized enterprises.

Work Experience

  • Training Officer – Coca-Cola Sabco
  • Senior Personnel Officer – Coca-Cola Sabco
  • IR Advisor – Bridgestone Firestone
  • Training Manager – Bridgestone Firestone
  • Lecturer (UPE – part time)
  • 14 years as Business Consultant
  • 23 years’ experience in recruitment and selection
  • 21 years’ experience in leadership and management training, problem solving and creativity training, assessment & people development


  • BA (Soc, Psych, Phil)
  • BA Hon (Sociology and Philosophy)
  • Hon BB&A (Bus Administration)
  • D32/33 Assessor
  • Accredited DISC/Thomas Analyst
  • International Diploma in Teaching and Training
  • Certified MDWT facilitator

Liesl Pannell

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Provision of a wide range of Recruitment and Assessment services for small to medium sized enterprises.

Work Experience

  • Psychologist – DCS and in private practice – 12 years
  • Business Consultant – 8 years


  • MA (Counselling Psychology)
A few key past Projects (past 5 years)
  • Management of a 3 year Change Management programme at an automotive company – achieved 30% productivity improvement. (see remarks from R West)
  • Assistance with a 1 year Change Management programme at SA Canopy.
  • Assistance with an Operational Excellence programme at Umicore SA (where I coached 3 senior managers and trained senior managers and team leaders on a 12 day specialised supervisory training programme – 46 people in total trained in 2 year period). (see remarks from R v Vuuren)
  • A one-on-one coaching relationship with a manager at ABSA in Johannesburg. (see remarks from H Fouche)
  • Assessments for recruitment and selection Ubuntu Education Fund. (see remarks from J Zindell and J Lief)
  • Design and Development of a Leadership Pipeline and its competency content for Coca-Cola Fortune.
  • Productivity and Process improvement initiative at GUSCO in Uitenhage on behalf of SEDA. Major Successes included: Turnover increased by 80%, Absenteeism decreased by 23%, Defects reduced by 29%. This project achieved 1st place in the National South African SEDA initiatives for 2010.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning project on behalf of Merseta and Tyre Chamber: 85 Learners assessed against 3 full qualifications. I designed the integrated assessment tool and conducted the assessments over a 6 month period.
  • Training managers and team leaders on how to Initiate and Chair Disciplinary Enquiries at Katcon Exhaust Services, Goodyear SA, Continental Tyre and Ubuntu Education Fund.
  • Design of assessment tool for use in screening at Continental Tyre for purposes of screening trainees to attend Six Sigma Yellow Belt training.
  • Design and development of Job Descriptions and Competency Indicators for Jumbo Stores in East London (all jobs), Ubuntu Education Fund (all jobs), Continental Tyre (Industrial Engineers).
  • Assessment of 1200 scholars and students on behalf of Ubuntu Education Fund for purposes of Career Guidance.
  • Assessments for recruitment and selection/skills audit at Ubuntu Education Fund, EP Children’s Homes, Continental Tyre, Transwerk, Clover and various others. Created a R357 000 FY cost-saving at one of the above clients, based purely on recruitment method applied.
  • Training of nursing Educators on behalf of the Sokhula Sonke project and facilitated by the NMMU (a R2.5M per year project, where I acted as part-project manager, facilitator of some of the content and where I was tasked with doing a Return on Investment on the total project outlay (value R15M).
  • Operator and Team Leader training at Goodyear SA.
  • Organisational Change and Business Process Re-engineering – facilitated for SA Canopy.
  • Training of Nursing Managers on behalf of NMMU Department of Nursing Sciences. Facilitated the training on Project Management over 5 month period.
  • Facilitated goal setting and decision making for 90 retrenched staff from Port Elizabeth based organisation.
  • Facilitated the 5 S implementation for the IT department at Continental Tyre SA.
Current projects include
  • Assessments for recruitment and selection at Ubuntu Education Fund
  • Design of assessment tool for use in screening at Continental Tyre for purposes of screening Industrial Engineers across global production facilities. Project initiated in Germany and Panlila Consulting chosen as preferred global supplier.
  • Assessments for recruitment and selection at Continental Tyre, as well as assessment of Graduates in Training
  • Consulting on performance management and performance indicator mapping at Labournet Eastern Cape
  • Assessment of scholars and students on behalf of Ubuntu Education Fund for purposes of Career Guidance.
  • 3 year Business Process and Change Management Consulting assistance to Ubuntu Education Fund on: the Total HR function, including: Performance Management, Grading and Remuneration, Training and Development, Employee Relations, Recruitment and Selection and Quality Management Systems – in the process acting as their HR Director until such time as I have mentored and coached identified staff to required levels of competence – project deadline mid-2015. (see comments G Zonke, J Lief, J Zindell)
  • GIT assessments at Continental Tyre
  • Integrity assessments at Providence Healthcare
  • Assessments at Frontline Research as part of re-structuring
  • Team interventions at Frontline
  • Skills Audit at ECDC
Client feedback on some past and recent projects

Kevin O’Moore: Production Section Head: Auto manufacturer (Port Elizabeth)

Having the opportunity to have attended your course has opened a whole new world up to me. Over the past 6 years, working and being coached under my previous boss, I was learning a lot and accepted everything that I was told as I did not know any better. Being on you course has given me the correct guidance and taught me great systems and procedures which I have implemented in the work place and have achieved a lot of growth in the department, amongst the employees and personally.

Craig’s comment: I introduced the company to specific problem solving tools, MODAPTS and some other lean principles.

Riaan van Vuuren: Production Manager: Auto Supplier (Port Elizabeth)

Your knowledge of management principles and your directing and coaching gave me as a manager a platform to firstly analyze my inefficiencies and then to start setting goals to improve my overall performance. Applying these principles assisted me in setting clear goals for myself and my team and achieving them.

The following ideas, tools and assistance helped significantly:

  • The situational leadership model and our change implementation using the model
  • The JD formats, contents, prioritising and performance management system
  • Assessments of competence, recruitment policies
  • The QCSPS indicators/measures and the model and implementation around this
  • The expert advice and your fast knowledge on productivity principles
  • Your ability to give training in a manner that makes course contents understandable, which motivates participation and ultimately understating of the course contents

 I would say the following: whatever we did before we had your intervention seems, in hindsight, a waste of time. It is now clear why we as a company were in the predicament we were. We could not keep up with the ever changing environment and competitiveness of other world class companies.  Your interventions changed the way operate.

Craig’s comment: In a 6-8 month period we moved production figures up by 50% and achieved numerous record weeks and days, without changing any equipment. It was done purely by way of (completely) changing the management ways and specifically the way in which performance was measured. It also involved re-training the section leaders and re-training the Production Manager.

Hendrik Fouche: National Valuations Manager: ABSA (Johannesburg)

You assisted me greatly. With what I learned, initially, in only two days, I completely changed the ways in which we do Performance Development. My skill level changed completely and I am now regarded as a PD specialist within the group. My people are happier and better performing than before your assistance, purely because of how I now address these issues and the systems that I use. I am now better set to initiate effective change in future.

Amelia Laubscher: Small Business Owner (Port Elizabeth)

Since becoming involved with Trigon as a business associate in 2007, your input as far as business goals and focus are concerned has been especially valuable. Your willingness to share knowledge and experience and to serve as mentor and coach has added value at a personal as well as a business level, to the extent that Trigon can now add to its portfolio of services much more than before.

To mention a few:

  • problem solving and decision making tools and techniques,
  • better understanding of selection, assessment in general and competence assessment specifically,
  • performance management and the establishment of a performance management system,
  • compilation of job descriptions and measurable outcomes / performance standards.
  • The essence / importance of planning & goal setting & the “how” of it.

Rodney West: Factory Manager: Auto Manufacturer (Port Elizabeth)

With the training given to the Section Heads and the systems introduced to the shop floor, I calculated that the efficiencies in the company were improved by about 40%.

Deirdre Moll: Auto Supplier (Port Elizabeth)

Ray, just to give you heads up that the training is going very well and it would appear that this is just what we needed. I think that Craig was the right facilitator for this training as well, so thanks so much for ensuring that this training took place just as per my requirements.

Craig’s comment: I facilitated change readiness and preparation sessions with 130 employees, of which 90 were going to be retrenched within the next 2-3 weeks. Groups and members were very emotional, nervous, negative and unproductive. My focus was to move people to a less dangerous emotional state and one of some action and productivity. I was contracted in by Ray to do the facilitation for company.

Nondwe Kali: Social Worker (Port Elizabeth)

Craig, this is an e-mail of gratitude to you as a person who contributed to my career path and have actually boosted my confidence in terms of me as a young professional. I want to thank you for the words of encouragement that you spoke to me and upon my life, I will forever be grateful for that. Thank you that you always listened to my frustrations and concerns and being able to show me the path. Even though I am no longer working closely with you, I will always remember you as the person who encouraged me to pursue and improve my life and maximize my potential.

Riaan Britz: Lab and QA Manager: Auto Supplier (Port Elizabeth)

I now manage my people much better. You have provided me with great tools to manage the performance of my people. It is now much easier to achieve goals. It was an investment that returned greatly. My people came back far more competent and I also had the tools to manage their performance much better. It was definitely worth it and our MD has also commented on the worth of your intervention.

Gcobani Zonke: Deputy President: NGO (Port Elizabeth)

Thank you very much for the teambuilding today – it was phenomenal. People had a good time – from the enjoyment and excitement one can tell we are still kids inside. What is most important is making the staff see the place of work also a place for fun and to get to know each other in a social setting. The activity was simple yet creative and strengthened the staff morale and is also a retention strategy .Thank you again for phenomenal work.

Jacob Lief: Founder and President: NGO (Port Elizabeth)

Thank you for absolutely everything that you do for Ubuntu and for believing in the vision. Over the past few years, you have helped us grow in a way I hadn’t thought possible. You really are an amazing member of our team.

Jana Zindell: Managing Director: NGO (Port Elizabeth)

Craig has contributed greatly in assisting me achieve my goals at Ubuntu. This organization would not be where we are today without Craig’s assistance to me. Craig dedicated countless hours to understanding the inner workings of Ubuntu. From that, he gained a real perspective on our challenges and what hinders our growth. He became passionate about organizational change and worked closely with me to ensure that we make change within the organization. Today our staff is more competent, professional and held accountable more than ever before due to his contributions.

He has patience, dedication, listening skills and true insight. I have had real problems with consultants who have come into our organization for a week or even a month and think that they are going to make true lasting change. The only way to do that is to live and breathe Ubuntu. Craig has done this and that has given him true insight into the needs of our organization. However, it doesn’t end there – a consultant still has to be dedicated to wanting change and to be able to listen and mold to the needs of the leaders while still giving important and essential feedback. I never felt threatened by Craig’s role or that he didn’t understand my importance within the organization. He took my job and input very seriously and used it as a foundation to provide me with further guidance. In the past, consultants have not listened to our needs and want to come in and change things without understanding the organization.

Robert Niemand: Managing Director: Labournet Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth)

We wanted to create a management system that entails all the various aspects that are required to be reported on for Head Office and that simultaneously will assist management to direct the activities of consultants to achieve the organizational goals. We were struggling with capturing all of this in one management tool that could give a snap shot at any one time.

You assisted us with creating a Players Scorecard that achieved this goal and further assisted us with using effective problem-solving techniques which we are applying in our daily dealings with clients and similar organizational challenges.

I have gained tremendously from our association in that once again I am able to concentrate my efforts on what I am supposed to do – that is build my business. I was too wrapped up in micro-managing all the aspects of what my consultants should be doing and in that way disempowered my manager from doing what she should be doing.

You are able to grasp an unfamiliar working environment quickly, sift through the nonsense and direct the conversation towards finding practical solutions. You engage people on a level that they can understand and follow, yet you are able to inform them when they need to raise the level of their thinking without anyone taking offence. After each session, the progress that is made is invigorating and excites those attending to achieve more, to think clearer and inspires them to find solutions that are within them.

Your intervention was of immense worth in terms of establishing roles, defining goals, generating new thought, raising the level of conversation, garnering commitment to organizational goals, and creating a future tangible vision that my management teams now aspires to attain.

Jo-anne De Beer: HR Manager, Providence Healthcare Risk Managers

PROVIDENCE started conducting Psychometric Assessments on all our short listed candidates as from the beginning of 2016 through Panlila consulting. With the addition of psychometric assessments as a standard part of our recruitment process we feel that we have all the tools to ensure that our interview process is conducted in a fair and non-bias manner. This ensures that we have recruited candidates that fit into our work culture and share the PROVIDENCE values. Assessment feedback given by Claire is always relevant and available promptly after assessments are conducted.

Janine Jansen Van Rensburg: Executive Director, Frontline BIS

In a very difficult economic environment where human resources are probably one of the most difficult resources to manage, Panlila consulting have gone above and beyond management of human resources. They have enabled and empowered our business to function optimally in many aspects. They have given us the tools and insight to better manage this very important resource, whether it’s the placement of resources or just better understanding and optimizing team functions and individuals in their roles. I would not have been able to make the significant changes in the business without their insight, support and guidance.

Candice Dell: Business Unit Manager, Amficraft

The quality of our recruits has improved 10-fold since using Panlila Consulting. We certainly wouldn’t consider hiring any new recruits in future without their professional, efficient and friendly services.


Gcobani Zonke: Deputy President, Ubuntu Education Fund

Thank you very much for the team-building today, it was phenomenal my observation people had a good time , the enjoyment and excitement one can tell we are still kids inside. What is most importantly making the staff see place of work also a place for fun and get to know each other in a social setting. The activity was simple yet creative and strengthened the staff moral and is a retention strategy. Thank you again for phenomenal work.

Present and previous clients include
Abedare ABSA AECI Coatings
African Bank Amficraft Armstrong Hydraulics
Bagshaw Footwear BevServ Bodene
BOSKOR Bridgestone Firestone Castellano Beltrame
Chicory SA Clover Coca-Cola
Comau, Continental Tyre Continental Tyre Daimler Chrysler SA
Department of Correctional Services Eastern Province Cricket Eberspaecher
EP Child & Youth Care Center Eveready Expro Services
Faurecia Interior Systems Flexider Ford Motor Company
Formex Engineering Fresenius-Kabi Frontline BIS Research
Goodyear Guestro Forging and Machinery Guestro Wheels
Hella Heraeus Chemicals Hi-Tech Automotive
Johnson Controls Jumbo Stores Karoo Vleis Boere Co-op
Kromberg & Schubert Labournet Leoni Wiring
Lonmin Platinum Mine Madiba Bay Accountancy Training NMMU
OCSA Plascon PPC
Providence Healthcare Risk Management SA Canopy SA Metal Forging
SAPPI Shatterprufe SAPS
Summerpride Foods Tenneco Automotive Transwerk
Ubuntu Education Fund Umicore SA Valor
Webbing Products Welfit Oddy